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  • The College registration renewal is June 1 every year. All General Practising (G) certificates expire on May 31.
  • Provisional Practising (P) Certificates expire May 31 or as otherwise specified
  • Temporary Certificates(T) are valid for up to 4 months from the Effective Date on which the certificate was issued.
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Occupational Therapist Former /AKA Names Registration Number Status
Aamer, Shermeen Khalid P1208882 Resigned
Aba, Mildred Galvez G0906490 Registered
Abao, Maureen G1604716 Registered
Abballe, Nicole G1409872 Registered
Abbott, Amanda G1208722 Registered
Abboud, Hunaida Grima G0704580 Registered
Abdel-Hafez, Nadia Ahmed Salamon G1706866 Registered
Abdool, Alison M. Gurney G9904070 Registered
Abdullah, Amanda Barillaro G1608734 Registered
Abeid, Amy Elizabeth Bullock G0506256 Resigned
Aben, Kate G1510009 Registered
Abji, Tanya G0506353 Registered
Ablett, Anita M. Miller G9301643 Registered
Abraham, Jeena Janitha Jayakaran, Jayakaran Jeena Janitha G0305455 Registered
Abraham, Merin Billy G0606884 Registered
Abraham, Serene Preethi G0104828 Registered
Abraham, Susen Ida G9402685 Registered
Abramson, Marlyne Rose G0405840 Resigned
Abrenilla, Joey G0705627 Registered
Abromaitis, Dalia Narbutas G9302014 Resigned
Acejo, Mari Therese G1508818 Registered
Acheson, Gisele Latremouille G9300579 Resigned
Ackaoui, Roseline G1610559 Registered
Ackermann, Mariette Claassen G1607459 Registered
Adair, Sabrina Ambtman G1105147 Registered
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